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    Secondary Glazing

    The Glass Shop

    Secondary glazing reduces noise and heat loss

    We offer a wide range of secondary glazing styles to complement all homes and window types. Our secondary glazing can give you full access to your primary window for cleaning, general maintenance and ventilation where the slimline profile is both durable and unobtrusive.

    When you take advantage of secondary glazing, you enjoy all the benefits that come with an extra layer of insulation. This cuts down on heat transfer, which means that your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. But it also insulates against sound and enhances the security of your property

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Secondary Glazing is a great solution for improving the energy efficiency of your home. If you live in a cold area, or if you live in a listed property then choose secondary glazing for extra protection against the elements.

    Reduced Noise Pollution

    Secondary glazing is also perfect for lowering noise pollution. Whether you live in an densely populated area or on a street with heavy traffic, our secondary glazing options can make a significant improvement to the noise level.

    If you require a quote for replacement windows, doors, sealed units, a conservatory or anything else on our website then contact our office in Croydon for a no obligation quote.

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